About PeploBio

We are PeploBio, a cutting-edge clinical contract research organization (CRO) at the forefront of healthcare and precision medicine. We provide expertise in regulatory affairs services, clinical testing, diagnostic solutions, and more, making us a leader in the world of biotechnology.



About PeploBio

Based in the UK, PeploBio is located in a renowned hub of technology and advancement. Our environment has fueled our mission to progress science and better health. 


Our mission is to harness the power of science and innovation to advance the health of people around the globe.


We provide tailored solutions to clients through relationship building, problem solving, and state-of-the-art science.


We aim to implement novel solutions to advance the field of therapeutics, diagnostics, genetic engineering, and more.  

The problem & Solution

The problem

Clients need support to drive product strategy and optimize development so they can increase chances of success and market approval. Although CROs can help, many CROs provide only specific services, creating a disjointed approach to product development.

Our solution

At PeploBio, we offer an integrated approach, providing a wide array of services across regulatory affairs, clinical testing, immune monitoring, and diagnostics. In doing so, we develop cohesive strategies across all functions and stages of development.

Dedicated To Driving Your Success Forward

PeploBio has a steadfast commitment to its clients. We provide individualised strategies and resources tailored to your company and product’s goals, maximising your chance of success. 
Company Timeline

Journey & Milestones

PeploBio has been anything but stagnant since our founding. We have continued to grow, develop, and advance to adapt to the needs of our clients and ever-changing biotechnology landscape.
Covid-19 Pandemic
Our facility emerged as a top private lab in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Established a high throughput diagnostic laboratory
PeploBio created a cutting-edge diagnostic laboratory capable of processing thousands of samples daily.
Routinely Processing >1,000 samples / day
Our ability to process high volumes of samples allows us to advance science faster.
ISO 15189 accreditation achieved
Receiving ISO 15189 accreditation established our position as a highly compliant facility.
Performance Evaluation Services
PeploBio began integrating clinical performance evaluation as part of our testing services.
Routine completion of clinical evaluation studies for infectious diseases IVD device
PeploBio provided clinical trial support for a novel device.
1st CTDA Approval of a novel medical device
Achieving our first CTDA approval was a milestone in developing our regulatory expertise in the realm of coronavirus test devices.
Ongoing end-to-end IVDR and FDA Clinical Studies
PeploBio has successfully advised on in vitro diagnostic regulation and supported clinical studies under FDA.
Providing a complete suite of diagnostic services including molecular, hematology and biochemical analysis
Development of a comprehensive diagnostic services platform allowed us to meet the needs of all clients.
Immune monitoring services using Flow Cytometry
PeploBio further expanded our scope to include immune monitoring services.
Company Timeline

Awards & Accreditations

At PeploBio, we have established ourselves as industry leaders, receiving several awards and accreditations over the course of our lifetime. PeploBio has received the following acknowledgements.

UKAS Accredited Laboratory

UKAS accreditation is a product of our commitment to high-quality standards. Aligned with ISO 15189, our labs meeting global laboratory requirements, allowing us to produce reliable and scientifically sound data.

Top Clinical Laboratory Services Company in UK 2022

This designation positions PeploBio as a leader in clinical laboratory services that are currently transforming the industry.

ICO - Information Commissioner's Office

Being ICO registered, we maintain GDPR compliance and value data protection.

BIVDA Member

As a BIVDA member, PeploBio has limitless resources and access to innovative regulatory insights, helping us to develop successful regulatory strategies.
Company Timeline

Our Range Of Services, Capabilities And Technologies

PeploBio started as a top private lab in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, capable of processing more than 5,000 samples per day. Since then, our scope has expanded and evolved to include regulatory consulting, clinical testing, diagnostics, and immune monitoring services. Our robust service package offers product development, report drafting, diagnostic services, immune monitoring, and clinical trials, supporting your program from development to market entry. 
Why Choose PeploBio

Our Integrated Approach

At PeploBio, we recognise that development is not linear. It blends scientific expertise and strategies across multiple functions to build a product’s story. That is why we offer an integrated approach, providing a wide array of interconnected services to streamline your development program, incorporating diagnostics, regulatory affairs, and clinical research.

Performance Evaluation

PeploBio offers performance evaluation as part of our testing services, which is necessary regardless of the market of interest.

Clinical Trial Solutions

Conducting a clinical trial and bringing your product to market is no small feat. PeploBio provides clinical trial project management services to execute your development strategy from beginning to end.


We provide diagnostic testing solutions across several therapeutic areas, including infectious disease, oncology and more. With our Partner Hub, you have access to digital marketing, account management, kits, and more via tiered subscription offerings. PeploBio also offers a one-stop shop for all things diagnostics, providing testing from A to Z.

Team & Leadership

Phoebe Bonner-Ferraby, BSc
Managing Director,

BSc, Microbiology
Prior to founding PeploBio, Phoebe was a co-founder of Serametrix, a California-based CRO, where she led the Commercial-Operations efforts to develop and commericalise novel assays for measuring immunity in cancer patients.

Henry Hepburne-Scott, PhD
Director of Scientific Affairs,

PhD, Prion-based diseases
Prior to founding PeploBio, Henry was a co-founder of Serametrix, a California-based CRO, where he worked to develop and commericalise novel assays for measuring immunity in cancer patients. His work has included the successful launch of several flow cytometry assays for measuring peripheral cells – assays that have been widely used in the clinical development of novel immune-oncology drugs such as PD-1 inhibitors. The MDSC monitoring assay (CLIA) is now used to help select patients for clinical trial. Other assays include T Effector Memory Cells and peripheral activated dendritic cells (DC-LAMP). Prior to PeploBio, Henry worked to establish a US-based office for a British start-up biotech, sales rep for Becton Dickinson and as a postdoc researching mad cow / prion diseases.

Nico Lambri, MSc, PhD, MBA
Director of Business Development,

MBA, Executive MBA and Marketing
A co-founder of PeploBio, Dr. Lambri has over 12 years of experience in academic and clinical research, laboratory operations and commercial strategy. Having established a rapidly growing molecular diagnostics laboratory, PeploBio is an industry leader in immunoassays, genomics, immune monitoring, metabolomics, and personalised medicine. With strategic partnerships formed in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, PeploBio develops proprietary diagnostics in the fields of oncology, neurodegenerative, metabolic, and infectious diseases. Dr. Lambri’s expertise includes assay development and validation using a variety of platforms (immunoassay, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, qPCR, and others) for biomarker analysis. Having validated numerous assays, Dr. Lambri is experienced with overseeing their deployment including both exploratory and primary endpoints, technical aspects and regulatory requirements (ISO 15189 and CLIA).
Dr. Lambri is committed to advancing Precision Medicine and establishing productive partnerships across the biopharmaceutical sector.

Mohammed Rashad, BSc, MIBMS
Chief Operating Officer

MSc, Healthcare Management (ongoing); PGDip, Biomedical Science; BSc, Biomedical Science
Mohammed joined PeploBio as a Quality Consultant and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in February 2022. He has over 7 years’ experience in the NHS where he was the HCPC registered Chief Biomedical Scientist and site manager for the Microbiology Service. His operational expertise enabled service delivery to over 6 hospitals and their surrounding healthcare practices, processing in excess of 220,000 samples per annum. As an IBMS examiner for the Specialist Diploma, his interests lie in the fields of bacteriology, virology, parasitology and mycology. His practical knowledge spans across a number of manual and automated methods including immunoassays, molecular PCR, microscopy and culture techniques. Possessing post-graduate qualifications in Quality Systems Management and Governance and Risk Management, he is well versed in the regulatory requirements of obtaining ISO 15189 accreditation and HSE approved status for CL3 facilities. Mohammed is committed to making timely and effective testing services more accessible to patients through the use of rapidly evolving technologies.

John Corliss, MBA
Chief Growth Officer

MBA, BA, Economics
John Corliss has more than 20 years of experience, including 15 years in the life science research tools and diagnostics industry. John has significant experience in large and small companies across sales, commercial operations, service delivery, and global supply chain operations. Most recently, he served as VP of Global Service & Sales Operations of Standard BioTools. Previously, he contributed to the rapid organic and inorganic growth of the genomics business of Agilent Technologies through roles in corporate development and operations finance. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the Wharton School. John is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Loryn Halliday, MSc, PhD
Principal Scientist

PhD, Immunology and Pharmacology; MSc, Microbiology; BSc, Biomedical Science
Loryn joined PeploBio as Laboratory Director and was recently appointed Principal Scientist in December 2022. Dr Halliday’s broad research experience spans the fields of oncology, microbiology, immunology and pharmacology. This has allowed her to develop novel proprietary assays (molecular, immunoassays, flow cytometry). She played a key role in gaining UKAS accreditation to ISO 15189 and provides scientific consultancy and management of clinical evaluation studies. She also regularly trains, supervises, and mentors scientific personnel. Her research expertise originated within oncology observing epigenic modifications (Acute myeloid leukaemia), to viral oncology (HPV) and, later, paediatric autoinflammatory disorders. Dr. Halliday is committed to the translation of basic to clinical research and bringing innovation to precision medicine.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at PeploBio, driving our mission to advance science and health.

Community Engagement

We value our relationships with others, which is why we prioritise outreach and education via our community engagement. PeploBio has work experience programs for younger individuals in the local community, allowing them to explore careers in STEM.

Regulatory Excellence

We uphold the highest standards when it comes to navigating the complex regulatory landscape. To do so, we exceed compliance requirements and implement innovative regulatory strategies to maximise success.

Adaptive Agility

We believe in the power of innovation and flexibility so that we can adapt to the ever-changing field of biotechnology, allowing us to contribute to the evolving world.

Global Health Equity

At PeploBio, we do what we do to ensure that every individual around the globe has access to life-changing healthcare solutions.

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