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Basophil Activation Assay

Basophils are the rarest granulocyte population in mammals, but they are one of the primary effector cells in IgE mediated allergy [1, 2]. There are a number of known catalysts for basophil activation other than direct activation by antigens. These include protease allergens (e.g., Der p 1), cytokines (e.g., IL3 and IL33), antibodies (e.g., IgD and IgE), complement (e.g., C5a) and microbials (e.g., HIV-derived GP120 and TLR ligands) [1]. Clinical interest in basophils often revolve around their pathogenesis in allergic disease, but basophils are now also known to contribute to non-allergic and non-infectious diseases. Basophils are involved in allergies of the skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and systemic anaphylaxis [1, 2].   The basophil activation test (BAT) is a functional test that measures the degree of basophil degranulation after exposure to an allergen [3]. A BAT offers greater sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy than traditional tests for IgE sensitization: blood specific IgE (sIgE) or skin prick test (SPT) [3].

At PeploBio, we use cutting edge flow cytometry to detect expression of basophil activation markers CD63 and CD203c in whole blood samples. Our clients use this service to identify allergens and monitor severity, tolerance, and patient response to immunomodulatory treatments.

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