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Clinical Trial Project Management

PeploBio's clinical trial testing services are designed to offer an end to end solution, including study design and data analysis. Our expert scientific team works closely with clients to ensure that study setup, logistics and testing are executed efficiently and accurately.



Clinical Trial Testing Services

PeploBio's clinical trial testing services include a dedicated project manager, study feasibility assessment, clinical sample kit customisation, clinical biospecimen management, sample processing, novel biomarker assay development and validation, biomarker analysis, and data management.

  • Dedicated project manager as a single point-of-communication

  • Bi-weekly updates to review the progress of the study in real-time

  • Advanced data management tools to ensure efficient data processing and biomarker analysis, delivering results in a timely and easily understandable format

  • Personalised clinical trial management plans that prioritise adaptability to evaluate new biomarkers while ensuring consistency and adherence to quality and regulatory standards


Clinical Trial Testing

PeploBio is a leading provider of clinical trial testing services, specialising in immune monitoring. Our accredited laboratory offers a comprehensive suite of services that cover pre-clinical through to phase II clinical trials.  As our focus is on quality, accuracy, and efficiency we have comprehensive services from biospecimen collection and customised sample collection kits to sample processing, data management and project management which streamlines complex biomarker clinical testing to develop safe and effective drugs and therapies.

Our team of scientist have expertise in the areas of oncology, immunology, and infectious disease.  We are proud to offer a wide range of immune monitoring services, including the detection and measurement of various immune cell. populations, cytokine profiling, and immune functional assays. In addition to our sample processing services, we use state-of-the-art technology to develop and validate novel biomarker assays that can be used to characterise a novel therapeutics efficacy.

  • Cytokine Storm Assay

    PeploBio’s cytokine storm immunoassay is a critical tool in clinical trial testing, especially for pharmaceutical development and testing for the safety and efficacy of biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies.  Cytokine storm testing is essential as a cascade of proinflammatory cytokine release can lead to tissue damage and, in severe cases, life-threatening outcomes. By measuring multiple cytokines from the same sample, the cytokine storm immunoassay provides a comprehensive analysis of the immune response, enabling researchers to better understand the effects of biologic interventions and optimise dosing and timing.  Preclinically, in vitro cytokine release can be measured in PBMCs or whole blood, in vivo, animal models and clinical trials.  Ultimately, this assay has the potential to improve drug development and patient outcomes by helping to identify the safest and most effective therapies.


Clinical Sample Management

Clinical sample management is a critical aspect of clinical trials, as the accuracy and integrity of collected samples directly impacts the validity and reliability of research findings. Proper collection, storage, and transport of clinical biospecimens are essential to ensure that biomarker analysis is accurate and reproducible.

To this end, PeploBio's Clinical Sample Management service provides a comprehensive solution for clinical biospecimens within clinical trials. This includes customised sample collection kits, collection and management of clinical biospecimens, and temperature-controlled international logistics.

PeploBio's global network of clinical trial sites, clinics, hospitals, and biobanks provides access to a diverse range of samples, including liquid biopsies, fresh-frozen tissues, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Adherence to ethical and regulatory guidelines ensures the highest quality of samples for research purposes.  PeploBio supports clinical trials with a reliable and efficient solution for biospecimen management, allowing for streamlined clinical research and development of innovative therapeutics.

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UKAS Accredited

PeploBio is a UKAS accredited Medical Laboratory No. 22998. Our UKAS accredited ISO:15189 laboratory has robust quality processes in place, essential for supporting drug and vaccine discovery, validation, and development.


We are ICO registered organisation with clearly defined data privacy policies, and robust data protection systems to ensure third party patient data remains protected.